I am currently working on raising funds
for a cargo bike to continue to
distribute food to men, women and
children in East Los Angeles. Until now
I have been using an old Schwinn
Voyager but sometimes the heavier loads
cause delivery problems. I recently was
offered a weekly donation of fresh fruit
but unfortunately I cannot transport
the amount offered on my bike and a
trailer or trike are too difficult to
maneuver in the areas I ride through.
I hope to raise enough money to buy a
cargo bike. Ideally I would like to
purchase the electric model but
would gladly buy a non-electric bike
if I do not get enough donations. Please
contact me at
if you are interested in donating food
or clothing that I can distribute.
If you would like to make a donation
towards the cargo bike so that I may
increase the amount of food that I
take out in the pre-dawn hours please
click here.

In the last couple of years I have picked
fruit for Food Forward as well as
collected food and clothing donations
from friends and neighbors.

A few samples of what I have collected
and handed out:


Several friends that garden have donated
dozens of bags of fresh vegetables that were donated to a community center in East Los Angeles. The Swiss Card above was part of a donation from Rob.


Israel was nice enough to let me pick
oranges and lemons off his trees.


Sunflowers grown on a small patch of my
front yard yielded a container of
sunflower seeds that were given to a
group of homeless men.


I have picked oranges, pomelos, lemons and grapefruits for Food Forward in Los
Angeles County.